Top 5 Tips to Hire a Car with Driver

If you are already staying in Dubai city, and you decided to start your movements around the city its right time to Hire a car with Driver in Dubai, But How you do that? Who should you select? How much it costs you? What car model you should select? What kind of Driver will match you?

It seems initially a hard task, as we hear from our friends around the world how they have victimized by their chauffeurs, let me guide you in few simple steps.

Top 5 Tips to Hire a Car with Driver

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Confirm they have a commercial License from RTA road transport Authority

Verify that they are legally authorize from Dubai road and transport authority to provide you

Car along with driver .if they have approved there company for Passengers and transport or Limousine service they can provide you the registration number later you can cross check with local government authority , by this step you can be safe from many free lancer drivers.

Here I want to mention that approved transport company have well maintained cars , update cars models which full fill your all safety measures to meet clients expectations

Do not select Cheaper Transport provider

If you call some well known rent a car companies in Dubai you will find that majority have equal rates with slightly rule and regulation difference.

Lower cost mostly offered by poor service provider, there drivers are not well dressed in uniform and unprofessional ,car models are not exact one which are listed on their website , my suggestion is not to take a high risk with the minor difference of cost.

Early Reservation

Think first which kind of event or plan you have in your mind especially for kid’s party and friends gathering you cannot find your suitable car or van with driver immediately, as Dubai is events city around the year, if you do not book car with driver earlier then your plan you face

Difficulty to hire a car with driver and have to pay almost double Price .so Book In advance.

Get in Writing

When you done research about car rental with driver companies to assure your arrangements

Get in written your rates, timing, extra hour charges your selected car model, payment terms and your advance invoice

Select the Right car model

Depending for your travel need , its most important that you should select the right vehicle

That suites your requirement, explore the model of the cars . if you are in party mode select the Minivan where can fit 2 or 3 families , if you have business meeting the most Popular model is Lexus ES 350 in Dubai , want feel Premier class ride S class should be your Choice.