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Review on Saqib for month of July 2023 We really had a good time with Saqib. He has been - very courteous - friendly - helpful - always on time - ready whenever we needed him - great with the kids - good safe driver He is a real asset for your company and thanks for assigning him to us.
Tiaan Botha
Tiaan Botha
I am happy to select this transport company, Murad is alert, always on time , he is Perfect chauffeur His car is always very clean , he knows well about Dubai city roads ,Welldone for keeping high standard chauffeur Service in Dubai city , after 45 days I have a business trip for five days I will hire them again . Everything was perfect !!
Chrihi Meriem
Chrihi Meriem
Hired a Landcruiser Taxi for Airport Transfer and it was an amazing experience, loved the service and would highly recommend it for Luxury Car Rentals.
Pranav Vashistha
Pranav Vashistha
Rinku Nagi
Rinku Nagi
The transport and chauffeur services were very good. It was a pleasant journey with Nasir.
vineet patil
vineet patil
Super Easy Airport Transfer by piolet and car transport service Dubai we booked them it was our 1st time with them, after landing at Dubai airport we found our chauffeur at arrival hall waiting for us with our Name Page.He facilitated us and on the way we stopped at Burger king without paying any extra amount , nice driver and clean V Class service, finally reached our destination at palm.Later on we booked them for Abu Dhabi Full day Service , it was wonderful trip of capital city, Murad made our trip amazing During our stay of 10 days we booked them frequently and experienced 3 drivers who were all gentlemen and were extremely good at speaking English, making our trip easy with swift communication and smooth drive. They provide extremely superb services among best in town
mian talha Ahmed
mian talha Ahmed
In early May 2023 my family visited Dubai for the first time , so Dubai Airport transfer was by first booking with them but later on we hired them for entire days , our stay was for 6 days to explore Dubai . office staff are very welcoming and helpful ,The Driver was so kind to Children and never make us hurry during city tour or shopping malls , we enjoyed a lot during Abu Dhabi tour too he showed us all main attractions I would like to say many thanks especially asad who has appointed Driver Waseem for Us I will recommend to my friends whenever you required cars with Driver , Pilot will be Best for them
humna ihsan
humna ihsan
Murad Ali was exceptional driver this week and respectful when it comes to time and drive. I really appreciated his professionalism, excellent service
Reda Bakkali
Reda Bakkali

Chauffeur Service Umm Al Quwain

Fast and affordable Rides

We are offering you rides in a few minutes, with the best prices as our chauffeurs are available in every location of the city, you can reach to your destination as quickly as possible, with our 20-year experience we have an idea how to select the route to reach as quickest and safe, we are ready to serve you, enjoy your special rides with ordinary fares.

Built on a narrow peninsula Khor Al Bidayuh, Umm Al Quwain is a clam city located between Sharjah to the southwest and Ras Al Khaimah to the northeast. While it does not have fancy attractions as Dubai, the pristine beaches and calm nature attract thousands of visitors every year. It is usually a go-to location for visitors who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.
While the city has a public transport network, it is not as effective as that of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You will either have to hire a taxi or book an online cab, both of which can be pretty expensive. A chauffeur service is an alternative option, which strikes a balance between cost and overall convenience.

Why Use A Chauffeur Service In Umm Al Quwain

A decent mode of transport is essential to make your trip enjoyable, especially in a foreign country. You can use public transport, but as discussed earlier, it is inconvenient and not suitable if you want to explore the city in a narrow slot of time. Besides these, there are several compelling reasons to pick a chauffeur driver car hire in Umm Al Quwain, which include, but are not limited to the following;

Avoid Unnecessary Paperwork

There are only three options if you want to explore the city in a personal vehicle. You can either buy one, rent one, or hire a chauffeur service. The first one is unsuitable for obvious reasons, which leaves you with rental services. However, you will have to file a load of paperwork to get a rental car, including furnishing an original passport, driving license, and a security deposit. You can avoid this paperwork altogether by hiring a luxury chauffeur service in Umm Al Quwain.

Travel in Comfort

Driving on unfamiliar roads is not for everyone. Some may like the thrill, but others will prefer a comfortable ride that gets them to their destination quickly. Our cheap chauffeur service in Umm Al Quwain offers just that. You do not have to navigate around unfamiliar roads or get out of traffic jam, which can be very long and tiring in the UAE. While drivers make their way out of the jam, you can simply relax and spend that time doing something productive, like checking up on emails, sending text messages, or even working remotely on your laptop.

Make The Most Of Your Trip

Visiting a foreign land is typically a one-time experience, and every tourist wants to make the most of the stay. Our chauffeur cars Umm al Quwain helps you in the process by tailoring a customized itinerary according to your preferences and finding the right routes so you can explore everything during your stay. You do not have to worry about finding a parking space or the traffic laws, which are quite strict, as you are not driving. Simply relax back in the car and appreciate the calm and pristine natural landscape of the coastal city.

Cost Effective

While online cab services work in the UAE, there are not as affordable as in other parts of the world. It is mainly because a private person cannot run a cab and has to work with a taxi company, which in return shares a certain commission with the online cab application. All of it increases the fare prices and make it unsuitable for most people. You can instead hire a chauffeur driver, which will cost much less and offer way more convenience than an online cab ride. The chauffeur services are also inexpensive than renting a car because the price of service is inclusive of fuel, parking tickets, and maintenance costs.

Safekeeping of Belongings

Tourists often use chauffeur services while they go on a shopping spree across different outlets in the UAE and Umm Al Quwain. Using an online cab service in such a situation can be inconvenient as you cannot leave the bags inside once the ride reaches the destination. In contrast, when you hire a chauffeur service for a particular time, the chauffeur will stay with you and safely keep your belongings. You can leave shopping bags in the car while going out to have dinner or to shop more from a different outlet.

Why Hire Pilot and Cars For Chauffeur Service Umm Al Quwain

Several companies are operating chauffeur services in Umm Al Quwain, but only a few of them are a match for our service because of the reasons, which include, but are not limited to, the following;

Affordable Prices

We have kept our prices affordable compared to our competitors, mainly because we own our entire fleet. Since we do not have to pay the rental prices, we can lower our prices, allowing us to price our services more affordable. You can compare our quotes with the other companies to validate our claims.

Professional Drivers

We have a strict employment policy and hire only those drivers who are licensed and have years of experience driving on the roads of the UAE. Our drivers are also trained to cater to every need of our clients to ensure they get an unforgettable experience. While it is highly unlikely, but still, if the vehicle runs into any problem, the drivers are trained enough to fix it and get back on the road. They also understand the traffic situations and the roads of the UAE inside out, enabling them to take the quickest routes and get the clients to their destinations quickly.

Our Fleet

Our fleet is very diverse and includes cars ranging from standard sedans to luxury SUVs. Clients can pick between these cars based on their preferences and budget. We have different classes of cars, including business class which starts from E class, the luxury vans category includes world known brand V Class, and those who want to travel in style can opt for premium class, which includes Mercedes Benz S Class.

Compliance With Regulations

Pilot and Cars comply with all the regulations set by the authorities of the UAE. We regularly inspect our cars and maintain them so the clients do not run into any problems during the commute. Furthermore, we also have the required permits and licenses to operate a chauffeur service in all parts of the UAE.

Focused on Hygiene

In addition to mechanical maintenance, we are also focused on keeping the car hygienic. Our cars are sanitized after every trip and sprayed with a pleasant scent to refresh the clients as they step inside. Furthermore, we routinely detail the interior and exterior of our cars to keep them in pristine condition.

Our Services

Pilot and Cars offer several services to a diverse client base, which include the following;

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers include picking the clients from the airport and dropping them to their destination within the UAE. Typically, clients hire our Point A to Point B service because it offers a fixed price regardless of the time that goes into the traveling. You can also hire hourly basis services for airport transfers, but it can cost more if you get stuck in traffic jams along the way.

Corporate Services

We are in long-term contracts with several big corporations in the UAE and offer services such as picking up and dropping off clients and guests from the airports, arranging transport for business executives for inter and intra-city transport, and offering day-to-day transport service to high-level executives. We have a dedicated fleet for such services, which routinely undergoes interior and exterior detailing to ensure the clients of our clients get the best of the service.

Shopping Trips

Our chauffeur services can be hired for shopping trips as well. Such services will take you to the popular shopping center in the city and also safely keep your belongings between the stops. Our chauffeurs can also make recommendations, which brings more value to the overall experience.

Sightseeing Tours

Pilot and Cars also operate sightseeing tours, where clients tell us about the places they want to visit, and we plan the trip accordingly. Our drivers will ensure you visit all the popular attractions during the visit and also tell you a brief history of them. Again, the drivers can make recommendations and let you know what to expect from different places so you can plan your trip accordingly. You can make last-minute changes to the itinerary, including adding a new spot or changing the drop-off location, by simply contacting our customer care team.

Pilot and Cars – Where Service Meets The Excellence

Pilot and Cars have been operating in the UAE for years and have signed long-term contracts with big corporations. We strive to deliver excellent service to our clients, which is evident by the testimonials of our clients. You can also make reservations with us by simply visiting our home page, selecting the date, time, and vehicle, and proceeding to payment. Our customer care team is available 24/7 to our clients and tries to address every query and complaint.

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