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Hire Luxury Buses in Dubai


Full Luxury Specs

Our All buses are with full luxury Specs, Mic for tour Guides, DVD, SD card player Refrigerator for water, Extra Luggage room, comfortable Seats, USB for each seat and our latest models have free Wifi inside the Buses

Sightseeing and City Tours

We are having vast experience to handle groups from all over the world, as we are well informed with their interests of city tours, shopping, and restaurant desires. We can provide you Tour guides of any Language like, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and English.


Partnership with Events

Our Years of experience in Luxury Bus Transport in Dubai gives us the confidence to participate in all Major Sports events, like Football team movements, Rugby Tournaments, Word Horse Racing, Ferrari worlds in Abu Dhabi, and tennis Matches

Our Products

Intelligence on every corner

Via is reshaping public transit, from a rigid system of fixed routes and schedules to a fully dynamic network. Our technology pairs the best of public transportation with the convenience of a private car. We use our algorithms to take people where they need to go in the quickest, most affordable, and environmentally responsible way possible.


Driving about can be a hassle especially when you are busy with other things. We know this and that’s why we seek to provide the best luxury buses in Dubai for anyone who wants to enjoy smooth rides and focus on things that matter.

Are you looking for a bus rental service with experienced drivers in Dubai? Then you are at the right place. At Pilot and Car, we have the best bus rental services you can find anywhere, whether you need a 50 seater Bus Rental in Dubai for a short period of time or for a long time. Our bus rental company aims to offer you the most high-quality affordable bus rental service while also guaranteeing your safety and comfort with our fleet of luxury buses.


We have some of the best chauffeur services in Dubai’s transport industry, which ensures high-quality luxury bus rental services. Our commitment to meeting the requirements of our clients, providing them with distinctive experiences, and helping them convey those that are important to them is emphasized in our everyday affairs.

After an eventful day, driving through traffic at rush hour can be stressful and unpleasant. It’s difficult for anyone to get work done or unwind after a hard shift when they have to stress themselves all the way to work. Businesses in various sectors can utilize our luxury bus rental fleet that are effective and pleasant to convey workers to work and back home.

Our luxury buses are not plain, old buses. They are fitted with various accessories like WiFi, TVs, and power outlets. Reclining seats, and onboard toilets, are also available on some of our luxury buses. Healthcare professionals, office workers, and even small company owners have benefited from our assistance in transporting staff members to and from the office. With a simple call, you can get everything sorted out without any hassle.


We are recognized as one of the best bus rental companies in Dubai and we have vast experience to handle groups from all over the world, as we are well informed about their interests in city tours, shopping, and restaurant desires.

We can provide you with city tour guides in any Language like Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and English that will accompany you through your city tours. Common problem tourists face when in Dubai is transportation. Instead of paying obscene taxi costs, you can utilize our most economical bus rental that can also serve you for hotel transfers.

When the average tourist makes plans to sightsee, they have to make plans for transportation, city tour guides, and accommodation. With us, you only have to worry about what places you want to visit. We provide city tour guides that not only erase the language barrier but also take you to the best places only the locals know. Now everyone in your group can concentrate on having fun, and not miss out on the beauty of Dubai through out your city tours.

On our city tours, you will get to explore Dubai’s traditional side with us. There are a lot of places to visit. You can climb the stunning Burj Khalifa, ride abra boats across Dubai Creek and explore historic places like the Dubai mall and Al Bastakiya neighborhood with a knowledgeable guide.


We are confident in our ability to handle major events from team movements to match-day logistics thanks to the experience we have from several years of our luxury bus rental collaboration with event organizers. Our luxury buses are on the ground for a mass mobilization of club supporters and team players.


Are you organizing an event somewhere near Dubai? Planning a trip may be a very difficult and stressful affair. To meet your demands, we provide a range of efficient luxury bus choices. Hire luxury buses to put your mind at ease so that your people turn up at the destination on time.

We promise you’ll only get the best experience when riding one of our luxury buses.

With our skilled logistics team taking care of all your transportation needs, you may learn the advantages of event transportation services and luxury bus services for your company or event. We can sort out the logistics for all sorts of events not limited to sporting events, weddings, meetings, and celebrations. Whatever the case, we have you covered.

In Dubai, we offer the best luxurious buses for event transportation. Our drivers are at your disposal with impeccable chauffeur services. For events around the UAE, our shuttle buses in Dubai are prepared to carry you anywhere you need to go. Hire Dubai’s most reputable transport service to ensure you have a wonderful time at the event. We provide several luxury buses and group transportation with our excellent array of vehicles.

Intelligence on every corner

Our technology pairs the best of public transportation with the convenience of a private car. We use our algorithms to take people where they need to go in the quickest, most environmental and most affordable way. So using our bus service means you enjoy luxury transportation with very affordable prices.


Bus rental Dubai offers you the greatest, elite class transportation services in the form of luxury buses and minibusses whether you need to book luxury buses for a family trip or group outings or simply for airport transfers. We offer the best deals you can find anywhere in Dubai since our buses have highly trained professional drivers that will make your ride seamless. You can hire our chauffeur-driven bus service frequently.


Luxury Bus Rental Dubai

All our shuttle buses are reliable options you can use for any activities for example, our 50 seater luxury buses, which are inexpensive and readily available for school excursions, tourists, or business trips. Your journey will be more comfortable thanks to the services provided by professional and experienced drivers. .

With the assistance of bus rental Dubai, you may enjoy comfortable transportation for airport transfers, city tours, as well as transportation for events, exhibits, and delegations.


Our luxury buses are equipped with the latest technology that emphasize our determination to be a dubai bus rental company that provides comfortable charter bus hire without you having to break the bank.

When you rent any of our luxury buses in Dubai, you will enjoy comfy seats, a DVD player, a microphone, a refrigerator.


We have many minibusses with various seating capacities that you can use for your events. No need to cram your friends into a car or take individual rides. You can easily charter our nine-seater minibus or a 50 seater bus at an affordable price.


Our bus rental company in Dubai aims to accommodate your needs and help you save money with our economy buses. You can save on transportation by using our cheap bus rental in Dubai if you’re heading there and want to have a luxurious vacation at a low cost.

Whether it is the bus, the driver, or your overall experience, our bus rental businesses never skimp on quality of service.

You can hire a bus for transport to the following places:

  • Business meetings
  • Hotel transport bus rental and hotel transfers
  • Staff transportation bus rental
  • Sports events
  • Airport transfers
  • Conferences bus rental
  • Exhibitions bus rental
  • City tours
  • School transportation services dubai


Have that perfect wedding with our bus rental in Dubai! Rent your wedding buses from us to ensure a first-class and luxurious transportation experience that will make your wedding day a remarkable day that you will never forget.

As one of the most important moments of your life, your wedding should not be handled by amateurs. You don’t want to worry about transportation to and from your bachelor’s, bachelorette, and wedding party. There’ll be enough on your plate that day that you’d rather not have another concern. That’s where we come in. With our bus rental service in Dubai, you can travel with all your guests in style.


We provide convenient and reliable wedding party bus rentals that takes your comfort and luxury into account. We aim to provide a first-class seater luxury bus rental experience for our clients so we spare no expense in adding those special touches that enhance their wedding. Whether it is the bride and groom, their family, special wedding guests, or anyone else at the wedding party, we provide custom-designed services to cater to their needs.

We will take the bride and groom to their wedding night destination, or the airport for their honeymoon plans. We can also transport the guests back to their vehicles or straight home if needed.

Enjoy our services

Our wedding-specific luxury buses are available for hire in Dubai and the surrounding United Arab Emirates. We offer great bus rental for your wedding festivities at an affordable cost. Our customer services are one of the best available with expert drivers and employees trained to attend to your every need.

We provide full support for your wedding so you don’t have to worry about every little detail. Nothing is too troublesome to ensure that your wedding goes on without a hitch. Choose the best vehicle for your transportation needs from among our fleet and have a wedding where you can relax and enjoy!

We believe in safety

Our luxury bus rental does not just come with luxury amenities, they are equipped with safety technology that ensures you and your guests arrive at your wedding safely. We’ve got GPS and a bunch of other state-of-the-art techs that guarantee that not only do you have a wonderful transportation experience, but you also arrive at the wedding location safely and in style.

Relax and leave the logistics to us

At our bus rental, we make it a point to care especially for all our clients. We know that planning a wedding can be quite stressful and we, therefore, do all we can to simplify things for you. Do you need everyone to be where they should be at the right time? No problem! We will take care of any wedding transportation.

You can reserve the best luxurious buses for all your guests to use between venues. We’ll make sure the visitors are seated at the appropriate location before time. You don’t have to worry about that awkward situation where people come in late. We are to provide a dependable and stress-free service on your special day. That’s why we offer more than just a ride, we give you an experience you’ll cherish forever.


Are you looking for comfortable and reliable staff transport in Dubai or other cities in the UAE? Have you been trying to rent luxury buses to take and drop off your staff? Try Pilot and Car! We offer neat, convenient, and affordable luxury bus rental for your staff pick and drop. Our customer care is top rate and our services are one of the best in the field of staff transportation.

Our drivers and employees are friendly and dedicated, and we are quick to respond when you reach out to us. We have a large variety of luxury and most economical bus rental vehicles ranging from our 9-seater minibus to our 50-seater bus rental available for hire at cheap, economical rates.

The different vehicle types in our luxury bus rental Dubai are available to cater to any of your needs and they are insured and well maintained to ensure your staff’s comfort during the journey. If they do break down, we’ll get you a similar vehicle without any inconvenience. Our luxury buses come equipped with SD card players, air-conditioning, DVD, microphones, plush seats, tinted windows, and an extra luggage room.

They are well equipped for transporting staffs of schools, offices, construction companies, and many more. Our drivers are experts at navigating the routes of Dubai and that drive in conformance with the driving rules of the UAE.

Staff Transport Service in Dubai

We are a leading transport company with a long history in the staff transport industry. Our transportation services are first class due to our dedicated management team, top-notch customer service, safe journeys, and instant responses, that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our employees are all professionals with vast pools of experience, and our vehicles are properly maintained and insured to ensure smooth journeys. We rent out buses for business trips, holiday trips, tours, and any other event you might need to gather your staff for.


As a well-established company in the staff transport field, we always keep up with modern innovations and the preferences of our customers. We have made a name for ourselves through years of providing comfortable and first-class personalized services to our clients. We have multiple partners like hospitals, tour operators, hotels, high schools, colleges, etc. Our various professional transport services within Dubai for staff using different vehicles are among the best of their kind.


Do you hate the anxiety and stress you have to go through at the airport? There are many ways to get transportation once you get into the country but most of them either require you to queue for ungodly hours or pay obscene amounts.

Unlike regular rental services that don’t give you your money’s worth, our professional airport bus rental in Dubai is the culmination of comfort and affordability. We make sure our vehicles are ready for you as soon as you land. Gone are all your airport struggles.

When you first arrive in a new city, you probably want to check out some eateries, see some attractions, and go shopping. Since they are familiar with all the greatest locations to visit, having a local driver is an extra benefit. You won’t have to fight to find your way around strange streets and traffic, unlike when hiring a car.

Any travel can be an adventure of a lifetime. It is always thrilling and interesting when you are preparing to travel somewhere new. You make all the necessary preparations so that you can enjoy your journey to the fullest. Keep in mind that your trip arrangements, including lodging information, currency, and safety, should be your top priorities. Prior to that, you should be book Pilot and car transport services if you plan on visiting destinations in Dubai.

No one wants to wait in line for a cab outside the airport with kids and a lot of bags after going through all the checkout procedures in the airport. With us, all you’ll have to do is check into your hotel and rest after your long flight. The tension of waiting for a cab is why choosing our luxury bus rental for airport transfers would be beneficial.

We also make sure you have a stress-free experience when going to the airport. You won’t have to worry about running late because the train you took was delayed and you completely cut off the never-ending drop-off locations that come with bus travel. Straight into the boot goes the luggage, and out it comes, outside the departure terminal. It’s that simple!

You might wonder, though, why you should use airport transfers rather than a cab or the public transportation systems.

Why pick our airport transfer service in Dubai?

  • We offer top-notch airport transfers in Dubai, and we go out of our way to show respect for foreign businesses, educational institutions, and other institutions of higher learning.
  • We design our rules keeping in mind the requirements and preferences of our esteemed customers. We have risen to the top of bus rental in dubai as a result of our consistent, committed, and strong management team leading from the front. Customer satisfaction isi at the forefront of our ideals.
  • Our vehicles and drivers get ongoing training in compliance with UAE standards and laws. We promise that our coaches will be on time, whether it is for the commencement of a game or to board a flight.
  • When using public transit or cab service, you won’t be given the choice to select the vehicle you want to use. However, you will have a wide selection of vehicles to pick from if you choose our luxury bus rental. Depending on your budget and the number of passengers, you can select whatever you want.


The lack of suitable transportation is a big problem for the majority of larger businesses and event planners in Duba. That is where we come in. As the top bus rental company in Dubai, we offer complete solutions to all of our clients that need to rent buses ranging in size from 12 to 50-seater luxury buses. We take great pride in our fleet of luxurious buses, minibusses, and minivans, which will ensure that your trip is both safe and enjoyable.


When it comes to conferences of all sizes, especially large events and expos, Pilot and cars stand out as the knowledgeable bus rental in Dubai. Allow us to take care of the transportation details so you can concentrate your own efforts on the main event.

You can also count on us to provide easy and safe door-to-door transportation to and from the convention center, whether you’re planning a conference or simply setting up group transportation to the event.

We make it incredibly simple to arrange a seater luxury bus rental to exhibitions, conferences, and seminars. When you choose to hire luxury buses in Dubai, you won’t have to worry about navigating the route or following intricate route directions. Our licensed drivers are all very professional at all times. While your entire company enjoys comfortable transport services, they will safely deliver you to your destination.


We pride ourselves on delivering services befitting of royalty. All our luxury buses are with full specs, a Mic for tour Guides, DVD, SD card player Refrigerator for water, an Extra Luggage room, comfortable Seats, USB for each seat, and our latest models have free Wifi inside the Buses.

The cornerstones of the growth of our high-class transportation services are quick response, the safest trip, happy clients, and excellent service. These successes were made possible by our finest policies. Our company’s drivers have a lot of expertise in Dubai’s personnel transportation industry.

Additionally, we have a lengthy history of serving several high schools, hotels, relocation services, hospitals, and tour operators. In our inventory, you’ll find a wide range of vehicles, including land cruisers, minibuses, vans, long buses, and escort cars.


When it comes to our history, our record speaks for us. We are a reputable provider of luxury bus transportation services for people from all walks of life. Our luxury bus rental has been in the industry for a very long time and in all those years, we have kept providing quality transportation services for vacations, special occasions, business travels, medical workers, security personnel, and other needs.


We have developed into a reputable and competent luxury bus rental business in Dubai with the aid of a helpful team and a wide range of transportation options. The best thing about our services is that they are affordable. When you use our services, you get your money’s worth and much more.


The amount of time and effort needed to ensure a large conference runs successfully is well known. You must reserve the ideal location, arrange to lodge, and even hire a reputable caterer. Above all things, you must ensure that your participants show up on time; otherwise, your efforts will be for naught.

Many people decide to mini bus rentals to make sure that their event goes off without a hitch. A straightforward yet professional solution to guarantee that participants arrive at their destination comfortably and on time is to charter a bus rental service for the group. Analyses have shown that it is best to hire a bus rental service if you’re traveling for a business conference, you want your employees to check into work energetic or for short visits inside the city.

Allows for bonding

It is common knowledge that strong working bonds and relationships make all businesses stronger. Because it offers a relaxed situation for workers and clients to talk, hiring a bus rental company should be on your to-do list. The ambiance aboard the bus is ideal for networking and socializing, which are frequently constrained by hectic schedules. Now you can have serious discussions with your team without having the bother about the road. Our buses are also good enough to serve as mobile meeting rooms.

Right on time

If you have meetings, workshops, excursions, and other events scheduled for the day, you don’t want to waste your time on the road. When your organization travels to an event, dividing personnel into different automobiles and public transportation can lead to mixups and late arrivals. A bus rental service is an ideal option if you have a strict timetable and need to your guests to arrive at the right time.

At Pilot and Car, we have different sizes of luxury buses that can accommodate your team. Goodbye to the troubles that come with splitting up into groups. You can all travel together and get to your destination on time with our bus rental in Dubai.

Economical bus rental services

Contrary to popular opinion, it is very affordable to hire luxury bus rental companies in Dubai. When you book one of our luxury buses at Pilot and Car, you will save money without compromising quality comfort. Our luxury buses are an especially economical option for moving both small and big groups between locations.

If you hired a van and a driver for each person, you would pay significantly more money, not to mention the additional fuel cost and miscellaneous spending. On the one hand, a professional car rental company just needs one shuttle bus and one driver. Save yourself the hassle of paying employees’ future gas, parking, and toll expenses.

Environmentally-Friendly Buses

There are several environmental advantages to using luxury bus rental services. Bus rental services contribute to a decrease in the number of vehicles on the road, which lowers carbon emissions, improves air quality, and lessens noise and traffic congestion. The fact that a lot of people can comfortably fit into our buses means that you and your friends don’t have to take your cars on long trips.

You might start by calling a bus rental in Dubai for your upcoming vacation if you are environmentally sensitive and seeking a way to reduce your ecological footprint. All of these combine to provide a quiet and calm voyage that offers your party plenty of time to focus on the breathtaking scenery around them.

Safe charter buses in Dubai

On our luxury bus rental, the safety and security of the passengers come first. All our bus drivers have several years of experience and have received the necessary training to assist passengers in getting to their destinations safely and securely.

To guarantee our charter buses are capable of transporting people safely, each shuttle bus must go through routine inspection and every piece of equipment on the bus is examined. Our bus rental services are simply the best option for transportation in Dubai.

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