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How you can save money while renting luxury cars with a driver in Dubai?

How you can save money while renting luxury cars with a driver in Dubai?

Plan Your Trip:

If you are good to travel planner then you can judge how many tourists or visitors are visiting in Dubai city during your stay period, Here I want to mention some big events which are being held regularly from the last few years.

The Big event is Ferrari world Abu Dhabi, almost thousands of visitors occupy the hotel rooms and thousands of luxury car rental service with the driver at that time, which is the month of October every year, another huge event is the Dubai Air show

Where you can see the shortage of cars and van with the driver due to high demand the ordinary tourist face big price difference, so be a smart traveler book it at least one month earlier during exhibition and event season and save 30-40 % of your budget

Select the best time of the Year

Hire for a Longer time:

Most of the car rental companies’ offer a special rate if you hire on a weekly basis
Cross-check with them the rate of three or four days if it’s the same as on your weekly
Offer, diffidently your choice will be for 7 days

Avoid to Hire luxury cars from Airport

Due to High parking fee and High showrooms rent on the airport most of car rental agencies put a cost burden on their clients, luxury transporter who is far from the airport can offer cheaper rates than airports

Selection for your Required Model

As the model of car makers varies from country to country, focus on your exact requirement of how many seats and luggage space is enough for your travel need. The bigger cars have big engines there fuel consumption is also high.

Fix the Driver Duty hours

The general rule of a hired car with a driver is 10 hours of duty; however you can start your trip as per your choice, e. g you can call your Driver at 11:00 pm instead of early morning to save your Extra hour’s payments

Now you can online book rent a car with driver in Dubai.